Exclusive Interview with FY, a student of the department of Medical Rehab.,Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences,OAU by DeLpH.

DeLpH: Can I meet you?

FY: I’m Abe Olufisayomi,popularly called FY,a part 4 medical rehabilitation student,OAU. I’m from ilesha,osun state.

DeLpH: You’re vying for an office in the coming CEC election, Can you tell us about it?

FY: I’ll be vying for
the office of the Director of socials and culture OAU SU.

DeLpH: Okay, why the director of socials? Why not Welfare director? Why not Fin Sec??
FY: In life, if you want to be productive, you start by identifying where you’re most effective and channel your energy there. I found mine early in my life and I’ve come to realize, I’m most efficient serving in a more social setting than a political one.

DeLpH: And what is your definition of being Social & being a Cultured Person?

FY: Well, being Social is not just about organizing parties, it’s a lifestyle and being cultured is knowing what to do or say at the right time. To be social you have to be a cultured person.

DeLpH: You earlier said, ‘…..you discovered your potential & activeness in social spare of life’ early,Can you gives us your past socially held posts?

FY: I started as the Social prefect of my secondary school (Air Force secondary school). I was also the Social Secretary of Angola hall before proceeding to become the Social Director of my department, a post I still occupy till date… Also I’ve been a member of various social committees both in and outside oau.

DeLpH: We’ve seen different guys who are gallivanting for the post.What are your views to distinguish yourself from the other aspirants??

FY: Firstly I believe for a post this significant, experience is very important and in my experience I’ve come to understand that as a director of socials, you should be able to identify with each and everyone you plan to serve, regardless of their lifestyle preferences. This is why I’m of the opinion that versatility in socials is key and I’m willing to inculcate that if given the chance to serve.

DeLpH: What do you have in stock for the students as a “director of social?
Let’s hear your plans for the students

FY: I plan to create an atmosphere where great Ife students, regardless of their lifestyles will be able to relate with.

DeLpH: Your agenda if you get into office??

FY: I’ll create a structure that will work hand in hand with my plans and intentions on achieving social versatility on oau campus.In short,Social Versatility is key.

DeLpH: …key in getting everyone involved?

FY: Yeah!

DeLpH: And how do you want to make most students balance their primary goal(academics) & social life since you claim, “you’re the key in getting people involved”

FY: I’ve been able to combine medical school with my social life without any extras currently…so balancing academics with social life has to be a top priority in every student’s agenda. The right orientation also matters.

DeLpH: Wow! That’s nice.

DeLpH: Your Social Media handles?

FY: IG: @f.i.s.a.y.o.m.i
Twitter @f.i.s.a.y.o.m.l

DeLpH: Your Sign-out words to students

FY: “Balance the book with the groove…”

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By DeLpH