Twitter Nigeria Crucifies George Weah After Liberia Friendly

Nigeria ran out 2-1 winners in a friendly against Liberia in Monrovia in a match that was to honour 51-year-old President George Weah But the President started the game.
This was a rather weird turn of events as even though it was a friendly, it was also a competitive FIFA fixture and having a 51-year-old and a 48-year-old (the President’s former teammate, James Debbah) start was a bit absurd.

Many Nigerians took to Twitter to register their dissatisfaction for the match, stating that it was disrespectful on the part of the Liberians to field such a team.

Twitter user Biola Kazeem wrote: “George Weah is a major disappointment. For someone as exposed,experienced and educated, his constant appropriation of Liberia’s platforms to fulfill his personal objectives is a disgrace. He had no business giving Wenger that award & had no business playing tonight,”

Another user, Wale Adetona quipped: “Wait… George Weah, President of Liberia, who retired from International football years ago is actually playing against Nigeria in a FIFA organised friendly match? Thought the match was meant to be in honour of him and not to bring him out of retirement.”

While Kelvin Odanz stated that moves like this were a justification for calling some African nations ‘Shit hole countries’

“George Weah honored Arsene Wenger with a Liberian NATIONAL award for what Arsene Wenger did for George Weah (Not Liberial) George Weah features for Liberia in a FIFA organized friendly match Vs Nigeria. If they call Africa a shit hole, y’all will flare up and scream racism” he said.

Kome said: “Liberia are fielding George Weah vs Nigeria 😂😂😂. A whole president with a potbelly. In a legit, FIFA recognised match”

Henry Onyekuru and Simeon Nwankwo put the Eagles in the lead and they went in with a 2-0 halftime scoreline. The Liberians did pull one back in the 89th minute through a Penalty

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