Security operatives in Kenya have paraded 19 Nigerians Yahoo-boys who defrauded innocent victims in the country.Nineteen #Nigerian citizens residing in Umoja, Kasarani and Roysambu Estates within Nairobi have this morning been arrested for engaging in electronic fraud targeting Kenyans. 

The Fraudsters start by befriending you on social media(Facebook) and once you accept the friend request they initiate a friendly chat that promises the victim goodies to be sent through DHL at the airport. 
The following day a call will be made and someone will pretend to be an attendant at the DHL office. They will tell the victim to pay clearance fees for the same parcel they claim to have sent you.


Immediately you send the money through Mpesa another call is made requesting for some more money for other documentation and taxes.
After paying the dues demanded, your calls demanding for your parcel will not be picked. That’s the time you realize that you have been conned. This is therefore to warn members of the general public against such fraudsters.
One of the suspected fraudsters
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By DeLpH