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The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has captured a man recognized as Aaron Kawombe, while attempting to pirate cell phones into the nation.
Kawombe of Nakoloke of Mbale, Eastern Uganda was captured by the Enforcement group in Malaba, Eastern Uganda, as per proclamation discharged by the URA.

The announcement said Kawombe crossed into the Malaba side of Kenya where he purchased 15 Itel telephones. He supposedly went to a little passage close to the shop where he fixed the telephones on his body (stomach and lower chest) utilizing cello tape. He later said to haveboarded a vehicle, which making a beeline for Mbale.

He was captured at a URA checkpoint in Malaba were officers do arbitrary checks, the announcement included. URA said carrying keeps on influencing income accumulation and causes out of line rivalry in the market among different effects.

By DeLpH