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A young lawyer, Olakunle Karimu was assaulted by SARS operatives on Friday, the 29th of June, 2018 in Lagos on the orders of his former employer, Mr. Olawore who is a senior colleague in the profession.

According to reports, Mr. Karimu had tendered a letter of resignation to his former employer in May 2018 after nearly one year of service. His former employer however, appealed to him to continue his job till June in order to put his replacement through the ropes of the job.

Karimu was however stopped mid-June with a caveat that his services were no longer needed in the firm which prompted him to ask for his pay for the number of weeks he remained in the employ of the firm.
Mr. Olawore proceeded to give him a post dated cheque payable at the end of June which was rejected by the bank due to incorrect signature.

On his return to the firm, Olawore refused to sign the cheque insisting he had no business with the young man who refused leave the firm until the proper signature had been appended to the cheque.

This prompted the boss to send his staff to invite police officers from Kam Salem Police Station with the claim that he was being held hostage by the young lawyer. The police officers on arrival began assaulting the young man while being filmed by employees of Mr. Olawore.
Nigerians have been reacting to the video which has gone viral on social media…
According to a witness….. @MrMcJay
It’s really unfortunate. This guy is a personal friend and a colleague. His former boss owed him salaries and gave him a cheque which bounced. When he went to the office, the boss invited policemen to assault the young lawyer. Unfortunately for them, they’re now feeling the heat as the matter has escalated beyond their wildest dreams”

BenjoMan’s inhumanity to man… Quite unfortunate”

By DeLpH