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ATAYERO is a deep Yoruba term for describing the Sovereignty of God.
This song is a “CHANT” (a sound) to celebrate & appreciate God’s awesomeness, mightiness, beauty, holiness and heart felt expressed attributes of God conveyed through HIS vessel, daughter & friend “ERNIEOLA” Olusoga.
The message of this song is to explain the Sovereignty & Awesomeness of God, as studied in scriptures like Psalms:- 24, 104, 145, Matt 19:26, Eph. 3:20, 1Tim1:7, 6:15,  HEB.1:8, 8:1, Rev. 21:6&7 and so many scriptures.
The song “ATAYERO” simply means
The Sovereign King is here
The King of all kings
Let us bow in worship to Him
The King of all kings..

Be blessed as you download, listen and share this sound. 

By DeLpH