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As 2019 draws closer, the intrigue and political drama currently engulfing the country keeps rising to a point of crescendo.
In what could be reminiscent to the events that led up to the 2015 elections or a bad case of de’javu, Father Mbaka has continued his attacks on the Buhari Administration just like he did to former President Goodluck Jonathan.
In his live weekly Programme “E nor Dey” Mbaka continued his tirade against the Buhari administration after last week’s tirade where he predicted a looming disaster for President Buhari.
This time, father Mbaka called the Buhari led APC administration a Demonocracy and not a democracy. He asserted to his listeners that true to his prophecy that disaster was looming for the president, APC senators had started decamping en-masse from the party; he asserted that this was just the Kindergarten implying that this was just the beginning.

He further asserted God was not happy with President Buhari because the blood of Priests was spilled on the President’s watch and he must atone for it. He further queried the government as to why it would allow Fulani Herdsmen to take over communities in Plateau State.
He continued further that many people who worked for Buhari’s success in the 2015 elections were forgotten and not rewarded by the President. He said the President will not be able to sleep again till his debts had been paid. Where is the change you promised President Buhari? Mbaka asked, I haven’t seen any changes yet He asserted.
Spitting  more fire and fury, Mbaka said those who are putting Nigerians in hardship should be ready to experience disasters and fire.
He reminded President Buhari that he Mbaka prophesied that Late President Yaradua would die in office and it happened, he also predicted that former President Goodluck Jonathan will lose the 2015 elections and he also did. Mbaka therefore said President Buhari should take him serious because if God sent him (Mbaka) to Buhari, he had no choice but to deliver it.
Mbaka concluded by declaring that God had blown the whistle on the Buhari administration. He decried the administration as a tyrannical one and Nigerians will be delivered from its clutches.
He however warned further that the Senators who defected are only coming to ruin the country.

By DeLpH