Young Ogun State students Made Electric Miniature Car and Power bank(Must Read)

 In Nigeria, There have been different inventions & discoveries in the past and one of the most cogent things that can help a nation grow is the “technology industry”, which in recent times in Nigeria is degrading without any form of support to help breed the future “Wright brothers”.

In an interview with two of the the inventors from a private secondary school, in Yewa, Ogun State,one invented an electric miniature car while the other made a power bank.

Read the interview below;

 • Can you introduce yourself?
Inventor: My name is Olabode Taiwo, a student of Great Grace Science Secondary School, Owode, Yewa. Presently, I’m in SSS One and a science student. My future ambition is to become an engineer.

How did you come about your invention?
Inventor: The invention of my miniature automobile was as a result of the passion I have for making electronic and electric objects such as cars, aeroplane, trains and ships.

What inspired you to making this miniature car?
Inventor: I was inspired by a documentary I watched of a man who invented an helicopter.

What were the challenges faced during this invention?
Inventor: The main challenge I faced while I was constructing this miniature car was the mobility of the car. The car, at the initial stage was not able to move. But, as time went on, I was able to get it moving. The key was; I never gave up.

What are the benefits of this invention to this generation?
Inventor: Just like other cars, my miniature automobile can move from one place to another to aid the movement of people from one place to another. As much as this might be the case, my invention is battery powered. It is an electric vehicle. It moves from one place to another with pure electric power.

Is your invention cost effective?
Inventor: My invention would be cost effective. No problems relating to fuel. No need to queue up to buy fuel. The idea is just to get the battery powered and to make sure that the engine is sound (just as it should be for most cars).

What are the items you used in making this car?
Inventor: The items I used to build this miniature car are; batteries, rubber bands, cardboard paper, iron rod, mechanical rotor, Tange Gum, etc.

What are the things you need to make your invention a widespread one?
Inventor: To make the invention a widespread one, I would personally need the more knowledge on how to make this invention more efficient and even bigger. Also, I would need a technical advicer who would guide me on the things to do to make sure my invention is not stagnant. Lastly, I would need capital investments to conduct intense scientific researches and also to expand the project.

Last words…..
Inventor: I would love to thank Mr. Leke for his support and effort to making this invention a popular one. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Joseph for being an inspiration to me.

Click on the image above to view the test running of the electric miniature car

Download video here

Power bank Maker

Can you introduce yourself?
I am Ikhafia Victor Ozoya from Great Grace Science Secondary School, Owode, Yewa, Ogun State.

How did you come about this and what inspired you to build this power bank?
Victor: I came about the invention when I saw a rotor on a bicycle tyre. I then felt that I could make something with it.I noticed that when the rider rode the bicycle, the bulb of the bicycle became brighter. I then used that idea to create my power bank.

What were the challenges faced during this invention?
Victor: The major challenge I faced was basically the items I used in making the power bank. I couldn’t get them on time. Also, I had a huge challenge assembling the materials into a power bank.I also had little moral support from my friends and family members.

What are the benefits of this invention to this generation?
Victor: In this society where electricity is an issue, we all need reliable alternative power sources. Therefore, my power bank can charge phones and can also be charged. When, the battery dies, I made it in such a way that one could replace the batteries to make it last longer.It is a power bank capable of charging phones of any kind; iPhones, Window phones and other versions. It could also be used to charge headsets and other relative gadgets.

What are the items you used in making this power bank?
Victor: used three rotors, two gear teeth, phone carton, paper and nylon cellotape, flexible wire, switch, USB port and cable and big sized torch to make the power bank.

Is your power bank cost effective?
Victor: They are cheap and very effective.

What are the things you need to make your invention a widespread one?
Victor: I need more capital and knowledge to enable the device function properly and more effectively.

Last words…..
Victor: Lastly, I say a huge thank you to Corper Leke, as well as Mr. Joseph for being both a great impact and inspiration to me.

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