Exclusive interview by DeLpH with Kussy, an aspirant for the post of Director of Socials in the coming FASAelection.
DeLpH: Can I meet you?
Kussy: My name is Davis Jesulayomi Olakunle

DeLpH:  You’re popularly & politically known as?

Kussy: Daviskussy but mostly called kussy.
DeLpH:  Nice one, Can you give a proper breakdown of your department & faculty?
Kussy: I’m from the prestigious department of English language and also from the faculty of art.
 DeLpH: You’re vying for an office in the coming FASA election, Can you tell us about the post?
Kussy: Yea, by the grace of God, I’m vying for the post of the director of socials – D.O.S

DeLpH: What’s your key word for your social alertness pertaining to this social post you’re vying for?

Kussy:  Social Fertility

DeLpH: Okay, Can you explain your own definition of social fertility?
Kussy: When we talk about fertility, it means the process of fertilizing a particular stuff. Blending it, making it grow, productive or prolific, and make it develop. Now when it comes to the social aspect, it means making a particular social life of social thing productive, developed, blending and cropping it to be a perfect social stuff. Social fertilityis a theme word for the thing that is about to come to FASA.

DeLpH:Best known to Naselsites that you’ve held the post of the sport director at the departmental level before now, how do you want to convince fasasites that you’re socially inclined & fertile when it comes to the aspect of socials at the faculty level?

Kussy: Yea! That’s true, It’s not only about words of mouth. It’s about what one has done to convince fasasites. I was awarded the most sociable male in nasels in the year 2015.I was awarded the most influential male in my class in 2016. When it comes to the social aspect, “ I no fit carry last.” People around know these things and I will like to carry this social spirit to the faculty level.

 DeLpH: Can you give us your past social events & shows?
        I.            By God’s grace, I organized my successful class award of a population of up to 500 classmates though with the help of my other committee members.
      II.            I was also among the organizers of the welcome back party for the present part two, students when they were in part one tagged *Back 2 Back*
    III.             I was also the one in charge of the successful nasels ultimate search for the present freshmen, which English Department organized, also with the help of my Co members.
    IV.             And to round it up I was the organizer of the just concluded *Uncensored party* though in conjunction with DARA and others.
These are the main events that have mainly been in charge. Not to talk of the other events which I was just a member.
 DeLpH: Wow! Scintillating…
DeLpH: According to the above stuff, Can you mention your past social posts?

Kussy: Presently. I’m the social director in FISU (Federation of Ijesha Students Union) and I’ve also headed social programs.

DeLpH: Your Social Media handles?
Kussy: IG: Daviskussy
   FB: Davis Jesulayomi
DeLpH: Okay, Thanks for having you. Can you give us your sign-out words to students?
Kussy: In all we do let always consider our social lives.
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By DeLpH