Suspected Fulani herdsmen have been accused of killing two men residing in Wereng camp in Riyom local government area of Plateau state. According to Facebook user, Nrs. Aseno Amos, the deceased persons were ambushed and killed on Sunday, November 12th. Read his account of the unfortunate incident below
‘Another sad incident along Wereng Camp again the day before yesterday. They where ambushed in Wereng camp of Riyom LGA. These two young Men were slaughter like chikens by FULANI MARAUDERS on there way home from RIYOM TO WERENG on the 12/11/2017. When I see incident like this, my heart bleeds and I wonder what our leaders are saying pertaining this wicked act on innocent lives. I still insist on a ban on Open grazing in Plateau State. Since the Fulani will not embrace peace then the should just go and leave our Land. I call on the Gbong Gwom Jos to speak before they will finish our people on no cause. The Gbong Gwom is not a political leader, he is a Traditional leader. So he should speak, if possible visit Buhari on this issues. Enough of this Mayhem on our People. Let the government know that, if they refuse to do something about this wicked act, then we will not hesitate to take the laws into our hands. Last week nine people and is not up-to a week, two people. We don’t even know what will happen in the next few days. Haba jama’a!’
See graphic photos from the attack below

By DeLpH