The future of Fashion on OAU CAMPUS  diving to a bright note, with different Fashion labels rising.

Tiamiyu Daniel, a part 2 student of Department of English who is also the Assistant General Secretary of National Association of Students of English and literally studies (NASELS) OAU, lunches his Fashion label which he called “ALLURE COLLECTIONS
However, Daniel,the young CEO of ALLURE COLLECTIONS in a chat said :
The Fashion label aimed at giving out the best from the fashion industry to fashionistas and stylists in OAU and it environment, authencity is our watch word

Moreover, Valentino, a student in Department of English expressed his delight in Mr Daniel’s Fashion label and he called the young CEO a man of vision.

I am Happy for Daniel because I have away see him as a fashionista and for him to launch his Fashion label today, it is very wise of him, as he know what he can do with his passion.”
However, during the course of a chat with one of Mr Daniel’s classmates, whose name is Timothy. Timothy made it clear that Mr Daniel was the Mr Fresher of Faculty of Arts students Association and National Association of Students of English and Literary studies during 2015/2016 academic session.
Daniel was the Mr Fresher of 2105/2016 academic session of both FASA AND NASELS, OAU. SO, for him going into Fashion is good .”

By DeLpH