Photos: travellers stranded as armed robbers blocks Benin-Lagos road

There was gridlock along the Benin-Lagos road earlier today with passengers stranded as suspected armed robbers operated on the busy road. John Ekuda, who shared the photos, called on the Edo State Governor, Obaseki to send security operatives to clear the road…
“As you can see the most ever busiest road Benin _ Lagos road have been block by

Armed robbers passenger’s from Cameron and C R S central displayed this veg leaf from getting spoil on the hold up way,
we are begging the governor G Obaseki to as matter of urgency send force men (note sophisticated prepared force, all the police around there cannot be seen for now) to ofumnwegbe town and clear road for motorists , Does it mean they must be always a most notorious armed robbers in Benin”

 More photos below…

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