Abduction saga rocks Angola hall
These guys in the picture invaded angola hall on the 29th of July around 8:30pm with some other guys whose name cannot be ascertained as at the time this report was gathered, but
some set of conscious students had acknowledged two other guys to be josh and simon by name respectively, it was evident that they  were on the mission to abduct the  Angola hall chairman in person of ak-wisdom has one ash colour car was packed outside Angola with his boot opened, the chairman was heavily battered, as other excos were up for his rescue,other excos present too were attacked,and the security committee of Angola,but the rumble and commotion alerted conscious Angolans  around before the eventual escape of those other guys… Lapai and chaun lee were held hostage till the other other two guys will be caught.
Source: Eyewitness

By DeLpH