Referee Deniz Aytekin will almost certainly be away from the Champions League for the foreseeable future after an internal decision made by the UEFA officiating body.
The official report has made it less likely that Aytekin will officiate another high-profile match in the top European competition this season.
Aytekin’s match report has
reached Pierluigi Collina, head of the European Refereeing committee, at the headquarters in Nyon.
While the Federation has publicly come to his defence, it has also internally gone over the mistakes made, as is customary after matches.
“I feel sorry for the world of football,” Norway coach Lagerback had lamented of the officiating after what he considered to be a Luis Suarez dive that led to a crucial Barcelona penalty.
Because of UEFA’s way of handling referees, any form of punishment will not be made public, but rather improvements will be made privately.
On Sunday, the under-fire referee will officiate the Hamburg- Monchengladbach Bundesliga clash.

By DeLpH