The Great Wall of Lagos, a cynosural revetment that will protect the new Eko Atlantic city Lagos from ocean surge has surpassed 6 kilometres length in construction, and nearing completion to meet the target time.
The great wall, which will reach 8.5 kilometers upon completion, is a large armoured embankment that protects the emerging new city, Victoria Island, and parts of Lekki from the threat of flooding due to coastal erosion and sea surge.
In a press statement made available to Vanguard, Daniel Kamau, Managing Director, Royal Haskoning Engineering Consultants, the appointed marine engineers for the Eko Atlantic Project stated; “The land where Eko Atlantic is being built existed historically, but has eroded over a long period. Various Nigerian and international searches show that the erosion rate of the Lagos coast, since far back as 1910’s, when the record began, has been in the order of 2 to 10 meters per year. Against this odd, Eko Atlantic will restore some of the land lost to the sea and protect it from erosion.”
Speaking further, Kamau disclosed that the revetment uses a proven method of Accropode units as primary armour for the structure. According to him, each accropode is made on site and weighs 5 tons, and 100,000 accropodes will be placed in a predefined grid, using a GPS system for pin-point accuracy.
“The basic principles of revetment, as a proven engineering solution for river and coastal protection, have been used for centuries, if not millenniums, around the world. The sea wall is designed and tested to handle the worst storms in hundreds and thousand years, putting into consideration global warming and rising sea levels.” Kamau added.
He further disclosed that for the final step to complete the Great Wall of Lagos, an 8.2 kilometre long, 12.5 metre wide promenade will be built on top of the Great Wall, and this promenade will provide a tremendous amount of recreational space to residents looking to take advantage of the ocean front open area and impressive ocean view.
Mr. David Frame, Managing Director, South Energyx Nigeria Limited, another company handling the project said; “When finished, the Great Wall of Lagos will ensure that everyone living and working within the ten square kilometres of reclaimed land for Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island, and parts of Lekki are protected from the sea.”
“Furthermore, it should be noted that approximately 8km of coast adjacent to the east of Eko Atlantic has been protected by construction of 18 rock groynes by Lagos State Government as their ongoing program to protect the coastline of Lagos State from coastal erosion. Eko Atlantic and the groynes protect a combined 16km of Lagos coast, including a majority of coastal communities in Lagos, which were previously subjected to severe flooding and erosion.” Frame concluded.
Eko Atlantic City is the single most ambitious and comprehensive mixed use development planned to come on stream in the West Africa sub-region in recent times. It is expected that the new city will be home to about 450,000 residents; commuter volume expected to be about 300,000 people daily and will also boast of self-sufficient and sustainable state-of-the-art infrastructures.

By DeLpH