Police at Achimota in Ghana have arrested 43 drug peddlers who are suspected to be perpetrating robbery activities in the area. The suspects, 40 of whom are men and 3 women,  were caught during a raid on Saturday in the ghettos and slums located in the community.
According to Ghana Web report, some of them were caught in the act smoking substances suspected to be marijuana, while others were in possession of the material.
Confirming their arrest, Commander of the Mile 7 District Police Command, Supt. Iddrisu Tanko, said:

‘Their activities are actually taking a toll on the community, in that we record pockets of people being attacked in isolated areas in the community. People have their Ipads, phones, and bags being snatched from them at knife or gun point.

‘Those we’ve arrested have given the indication that they are people who are normally around these areas where dry substances suspected to be Indian hemp is normally sold,’ he said.

By DeLpH