Jordan Government on Saturday executed 15 people including 10 convicted on terrorism charges, government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said. Ten of those put to death had been convicted of terrorism offences and five of ‘heinous’ crimes including rape. They were responsible for the 2006 attack on tourists at Amman’s Roman amphitheater which killed a Briton, and a June 2016 attack on an intelligence service base north of the capital that left five agents dead.
The culprits were also held for the September 2016 murder of Christian writer, Nahed Hattar. While the other five executed for terrorism offences were sentenced on 28 December 2016 for belonging to Islamic State.
The men are thought to be members of a group known as the ‘Irbid Cell.’ Their convictions included carrying out terrorist acts leading to death, manufacturing explosives for use in terrorist acts, possession of weapons and ammunition for use in terrorist acts and spreading terrorist thoughts.
The fifteen men who were all Jordanians were hanged in Suaga prison south of the capital Amman. The executions was attended by the prosecutor general of Amman, as well as the prosecutor general of the high criminal court.

By DeLpH