Below is a mail HYB received today from a friend of 35 year old medical doctor, Allwell Orji, who committed suicide on Sunday March 13th. Read below

Hi HYB, the deceased was my friend and I will like to remain anonymous pls. Dr Orji was an introvert because he was a sickler and he suffered from seizure attacks thus, he preferred keeping to himself. The social stigma (from the recurrent seizure attacks) was too high for him to bear. He used a driver because the seizure can come at any time. 
He wanted to do residency in Surgery so he could become a Consultant, he wrote the exam and passed but was denied the opportunity because Hospital management felt he could not cope with the stress. He wasn’t really on social media because he was quite antisocial thus, his profile and pictures were not on the internet. So from all indications, i think it was a case of severe depression that was poorly managed thus, he felt hopeless due to his challenges and decided to end it in a Lagoon.

By DeLpH