Adam Johnson, former Sunderland and England footballer convicted last year for child sex offences is set to mark his first year behind bars with no visits from his family members, ex-teammates or friends, just barely a week
since he lost his latest appeal.
The 29-year-old, jailed for six years 12 months ago after being convicted of sexually touching a 15-year-old girl fan, will be by himself in Moorland Jail in Doncaster on Friday – because only lawyers can enter on this day.
Speaking to Mirror Online, a source said: “Relatives always try and get in on the actual day on which a person was sent down if they can because they know how low they’ll be.
“It just so happens that Friday is not a visiting day so Johnson will be on his own. His legal team would have been allowed to see him if they were preparing for an appeal but that is out of the window too.”
Reports also have it that a security team will be putting an extra eye on Johnson to ensure he doesn’t commit suicide today.
Johnson’s recent appeal application was dismissed by three judges at the High Court in London.. He has 5 more years to stay in jail, effectively ending his football career.

By DeLpH