African American mothers don’t play at all! So this young man, 18-years-old, decided to test his mum by repeatedly using a swear word but she was not having it and decided to embarrass him in front of his classmates.

The conversation between Tralenn and his mum started innocently, with the teenager asking his mother if “hell” is a swear word. When she did not give him a straight answer, he proceeded to use the word in every message sent to her. He found a way to add “hell” into every of his reply, causing his mother to threaten to seize his phone and his car keys. Still, the boy did not learn oh, until it escalated and she threatened to beat him.

When that did not work, she warned that she was going to send him out of her house. That still did not work, so the woman threatened to come to his school and embarrass him, but he did not believe her, not even when she started posting photos of the school, showing him she was in there already.

It wasn’t until she got into his class that he believed and the look of shock on his face is just priceless! Lol. The boy never expected it!

 Read their conversation below…

By DeLpH

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