Yahoo boy who ran mad and was brought to pastor for deliverance stabs his wife (Photo)

The wife of Prophet Agya Daadie, the founder and head pastor of Jesus Power House Ministry, was stabbed on her shoulder by a boy who was brought to the church for deliverance. 

The suspect is reportedly a ‘Sakawa’ (a Ghanian term for a widespread practice in Ghana which combines modern internet-based fraud practices with traditional religious rituals) and was brought to the church at Akatsi in the Volta Region Regina Asante to be delivered because he was already being affected by the rituals. 
However, on getting to the church, the pastor was absent and as they attempted to reschedule, the boy’s situation got worse and he pounced on the woman, stabbing her until she was bleeding and became unconscious. 

The woman has been treated and is currently stable while her husband has chosen not to press charges, stating that the boy’s condition is spiritual and he has the power to deliver him. 

“I was immediately informed so I called my personal doctor who attended to my wife. She is safe but I have not reported the incident to the police because it is spiritual for the simple reason that this is a boy who went for sakawa and he was asked to have sex with a mad woman as a form of rituals but he refused so he got mad and was brought to me for deliverance”, he explained  

“There has been a covenant with the boy and other spirits are tormenting him due to the tattoos which he has made on his body”, he added.

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