HotYarns Media brings you excerpts from the manifesto of various candidates for offices in the central executive council of the Great Ife student’s union


Gender equality in to sport on OAUcampus
Coach Oore
I will maintain and improve sporting facilities on OAU campus
I am coming to touch the sporting activities on our campus with the professional hand


“I will make sure students are major participants in the student union matters
We shall make sure our union is not in the hands of political bigots”
“I assure GreatIfe students of appropriate and proper keeping of records and congressional resolutions
Facilitating an effective and efficient means of listening to students opinion by providing suggestion boxes across all halls of residence”
I envision a secretariat that will be operating both online and offline
I envision a union that is not just for the CEC or SRC but for all students
I will make sure i give my support to everything that relate to the secretary general’s office
I promise a transparent and responsive union secretariat


I am going to ensure illumination of our bathrooms, toilets and walkways
We are going to ensure qualitative fumigation of our halls of residence
We are going to constitute a patrol team that will patrol Asherifa and other student populated areas in town
we are going to ensure qualitative service from the health centre to improve the health of Great Ife students
We are going to sensitize students against reckless driving on our campus roads
We will ensure proper implementation of operation light up OAU
We will sign a MOU with the health workers to ensure efficiency and qualitative service
controlled price of commodity and services on OAU campus
Potable water supply will be made available on OAU campus
Facilitating the illumination of all walkways and bush paths


I plan to inculcate an electronic means of record keeping to ensure prudence, transparency and accountability
We will make sure every Great Ife student have access to the financial reports of the union
Revitalising ,re-branding of OAU students’ union treasury through financial emancipation
I will ensure accurate documentation and presentation of financial statements of the union


I would like to have an avenue where Great ife students will come together to wine and dine through the OAU dinner
We would organise OAU carnival which will cut across all faculties on OAU campus
We will strike a balance between the social and academic life of Great Ife students by organising shows
In a bid to achieve the afore mentioned, we presented to Great Ife students the ‘ginger app’ which will help us to achieve that aim


I bring to you an open-secretariat agenda,  which is all encompassing
We will make use of social media to get students’ opinion on trending issues
Our union will be revamped so as to bring back the consciousness and vibrancy of Great Ife students
Our students’ union website which is nowhere to be found on the internet will be returned
I look forward to a secretariat which will take up national issues and influence national policies
We will bring about public opinion poll to hear the criticisms, recommendations and suggestions of Great Ife students
I am on a mission to bring about a secretariat which is for the students and the students alone
Production of an e-secretariat which will be accessible to all


I will ensure that information meant for public consumption is properly disseminated through the proper channel
We will ensure that we use the modern tools of social media in disseminating information
We will ensure experienced people are being nominated for the press committee
We will ensure the right and updated books are in the union library” –ZUMA

We must have a union ready to stand up to speak for students against victimization, against oppression, to represent the students’ interests, against cultism and mass failure” –VON

I would like to re-brand, revitalise, and re-juvenate the media aspect of Great Ife students’ union
We will renovate the union library and communicate with MTN, GLO e.t.c to support the course of the union library” O’ZIK


Empowerment for academic welfare is one of the campaign of the ‘yes’ team
Part of our priority is social welfarism for all great ife students
Empowerment programs for all Great Ife students is one of my priorities
We are embarking on sensitization of students that the union is a pressure group for all
We would constitute an academic committee that will see to students’ interests and we say NO to ‘bedspace academic committee’


I fore-see a union that is vibrant, active and uphold the values of unity, equality and vibrancy” –HON. IBK

I will stand against all anti-social elements on campus ,we will stand against them socially, physically and spiritually
Decentralization of power and immunization from intimidation is what i present to this union” –HARVICS

I present to Great Ife students improved academic welfare, better transformation system and effective security system” –OYO

I will not let the students’ union to destabilize the academic calendar, We will make sure we have at least 10 campus shuttles to ply road one so as to avoid exploitation of students by ‘town-gboro’ bus drivers” –DR. IBK

We will ensure that the consciousness of Great Ife students is revived, Eradication of mass failure is one of many things that I present to great ife students” –T COOL

I envision a 21st century union which will emphasis more on intellectualism rather than radicalism, Empowerment opportunity programs will be made available to students” –IBIYEMI

By DeLpH