The United States and China are about to reach an all time low in diplomatic relations after China on Wednesdayspoke out against the U.S Military’s actions after a US aircraft carrier strike group began patrols last weekend on the South China Sea, an action the U.S Military classified as “routine operations”.

U.S President Donald Trump has questioned China’s military and administrative legitimacy over the South China sea, and has promised to support ‘allies of the U.S’ like Japan and South Korea as his administration is unhappy with China’s reluctance to rein in North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and unfair trade deals between the U.S and China.

So, the United states’ decision to patrol the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson over the South China sea, is more of a show of military strength and ability than routine operations.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang, reacting to the development, referred to the the U.S as ‘relevant countries’: 

“China always respects the freedom of navigation and overflight all countries enjoy under international law.

“But we are consistently opposed to relevant countries threatening and damaging the sovereignty and security of littoral countries under the flag of freedom of navigation and overflight.

“We hope relevant countries can do more to safeguard regional peace and stability.”

China, last week Friday, ended its own naval exercises in the South China Sea and last week warned Washington against challenging its sovereignty in the South China Sea. 

Although China also claims to ownership of the South China sea, which is very rich in resources,  through which about $5 trillion worth of trade passes each year, other countries like Phillipines, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea also lay claim to sections of the South China sea.

By DeLpH