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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Health: Water Gives Life

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Water Gives Life
Water is commonly characterized as a straightforward, dull, scentless, and about dismal. Its compound equation is commonly known as H₂O. In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea, Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, for the most part in oceans and that is simply incidentally. I surmise a normal level of People probably won't know the advantages of drinking water and this is the thing that we would concentrate on today.

Studies have indicated that the human body is comprised of around 65-70% water thus in this manner, for our body to work appropriately and proficiently, it must be all around hydrated.   
   There are so many ways we lose water which would be enlisted below:
Skin Evaporation (Sweat)
  Research has shown that about 6 glasses of water are lost daily and these losses must be replaced in other to have a good and perfect health. When the intake of water does not match the output i.e. (the many ways of which we lose water aforementioned) we become dehydrated and many unpleasant conditions may set in.
  Truth be told, there are so many diseases that are caused by lack of water intake, diseases such as Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, of all kinds, back pain, ulcers, gout, kidney stones, high blood pressure and many more just to mention a few. Water makes up the fluid of most living organisms. Loss of fluid are higher in warmer climates during strenuous exercise, high altitudes and most especially, this occurs in older adults. A distinct sign of dehydration is the colour of urine. A very light/colourless urine is an indicator that such body is well hydrated.
While naturally yellow urine is an indicator that such body is short of water and when consistently coloured, it indicates serious health problems as a result of dehydration.
  Quickly, I would be highlighting the importance of water in the body:

  1. Easy/Quick digestion.
  2. Absorption.
  3. Blood circulation.
  4. Circulation of nutrients in the body.
  5. Elimination of toxins.
  6. Creation of Saliva.
  7. Maintenance of body temperature.

  You’d agree with me that there are so many benefits of drinking water and I'll be pointing out a few that are apparently the most important. They are:

  1. Enhancing your body immunity.
  2. Improves mood (generally after taking water we all feel relaxed and comfy especially those who have cranky moods).
  3. Prevents headache and migraine (I bet only a few know of this).
  4. Controls Calories (weight loss strategy).
  5. Glowing/Fresh skin (Which most of us want). 
  6. Relives Fatigue.
  7. Boost your energy level.
  8. Relieves constipation.
  9. Prevents Hangovers.
  10. Alleviates back pain.
  11. Prevents kidney stones.

  Tips that will help you to consume more water.
1. Drink pure and clean water i.e. water that contains nothing but H and O elements
N.B Water stored in plastic bottles/ containers of which most or nearly everyone is familiar with can contain petrochemical materials which when accumulated in the body over time can cause health challenges.
Unclean water can make you ill because many disease-causing organisms thrive in water.

 2. Drink at least 3Ltrs of water daily. It can be taken as fruits, vegetables such as watermelon, Cucumber, Oranges, pineapple etc.

3. Track your water intake. How do you know how much water you consume if you do not track it? 🤷 Because for many of us it might seem tedious 😔☹️ but the joy of it is making it a habit (daily routine) will make it easier for us over time.

4. Drink on purpose, don't wait till you are thirsty
Drink a glass of water half an hour before meal and another two and a half hours after meal in other to have a full and complete digestion.
Drink another glassful half an hour before going to bed at night.

 Here's a handy trick😉 trust me it works
  Fill up a 2Ltr glass water bottle or stainless-steel bottle and drink it throughout your day. That way you'll know where you're with your water goals. In case you might wondering why I made mention of glass water bottle or stainless-steel bottle I talked about Petrochemical materials and the popular plastic water bottle is something we all should avoid because overtime it can cause health challenges emphasis on overtime
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Lifestyle: Good and Bad Habits

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Good and Bad Habits
Most occasions we do things that we never observe that aren't right, and before we know it, bit by bit and reliably we are now into it and we think that its hard to stop it these things are called BAD HABITS and this will be our subject of conversation today. What's more, on the off chance that you would ask me, what is a Habit?

Artistically, the propensity is an activity done on customary premise, its an activity performed over and over and consequently typically without mindfulness. What's more, you would concur with me that there are mostly two sorts of propensity that we as a whole know and know about which is the GOOD and BAD propensity. In any case, fundamentally, today our emphasis will be on the BAD propensity. Propensity assumes a significant job in our regular day to day existence and everybody at one point or the other gain various propensities. What's more, this leads us to the inquiry:

What is a BAD HABIT? 
A Bad habit is a behaviour which is considered to be detrimental to one's physical or mental health which is often linked to lack of self-control. Detrimental in what way if you would ask me? it means habits that are harmful and habits that can cause damage to our bodies.
  Listed below are habits that we might consider not bad but are VERY BAD:
  • Nail-biting. (Can cause infection)
  • Hair Picking.
  • Nose picking
  • Cracking your knuckles.
  • Speaking with one’s mouth full.
  • Picking your teeth in public places.
  • Excessive salt intake.
  • Chewing Gum.
  • Biting your pen.
  • Interruption during conversations.
  • Sleeping with Makeup (this is very much peculiar amongst the female gender).
  • Not brushing your teeth before food.
  • Procrastinating.
  • Falling asleep in public places.
  • Belching.
  • Leaving your valuables in random places.
  • Spitting.
  • Annoying people on purpose.
  • Talking while eating
  • Scratching an itch and many more.
    I would be shedding more light on some of the Bad Habits dittoed:
  • Let’s take a look at Interruption during conversations:  Most or I would say a large percentage of the populace is guilty of especially when an an argument takes place or in a social setting i.e. among friends, family etc. But it’s a bad habit we all can avoid. This means that when any conversation is ongoing, we should cultivate the habit of allowing one person to talk at a time i.e. once we notice an individual is talking be it older or younger, we should learn to cultivate the habit of keeping quiet at that particular point in time till that individual is done with his/her talking.

  • Another Bad Habit I would like us to examine is: Leaving your valuables in random places. Majority of individuals both young and old are guilty of this. In most Nigerian homes I would say most of us leave our valuables at random places such as dropping your keys on your living room table, taking off our shoes in the living room, placing your purse/wallet on the couch and many more, such habits have been highlighted to be very bad and one must ensure of turning a new leaf as soon as possible.

  • Lastly, another Bad Habit I would like us to take a look at is Falling asleep in public places: I would say the majority of persons are on this table some persons are conveniently sitting on it. I would say it is natural for some people to fall asleep in public places because of the nature of their job. As individuals, we can help ourselves by standing up and walking around and if we find ourselves in an environment where we can walk around, we can shake our legs, we can lick menthol sweets. Chewing gum as stated above is a bad habit so, therefore, it is a bad habit to chew gum in public places in other to prevent us from sleeping.

You might be wondering why some of the habits afore listed are good habits don’t be deceived, there are many more but just to mention a few. I would like to implore us all that if are into any of the BAD HABITS aforementioned it is never too late to turn a new leaf.
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Sunday, 3 May 2020

How To Make Money as a Student While On Campus and During School Breaks (Must Read)

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How To Make Money as a Student While On Campus and During School Breaks (Must Read)
I know a lot of young minds that are probably higher institution students who search "how to make money" on Google, don't always get the result they are searching for on the search engines and results that are relatable to them and their environments are not shown to them. I have thought about this and I've decided to highlight what students in any level of education can engage themselves into that would be LEGIT and wouldn't affect their studies.
Before I list several ways to make money while on campus, I would first like to tell anyone reading this post to acquire a skill which they are interested in doing whether for passion (L.O.L) or for money or relating to their specific field of study. You can learn a skill that won’t take much of your time and if you don't seem to know the type of skill to learn to make money kindly check my earlier post on Most Lucrative Skill to acquire in 2020 as a guide to choosing the right skill to learn and master.
After you would have learnt a skill, it may not be enough to be able to care for your needs and I’d list different things students can do while on campus and during breaks and I’d advise for you to make your research about anyone of the work (job) listed here as a comprehensive post on each of the skills will be published in the cause of the year. These are the several ways to make money as a student while on campus;
You can always find ways to gather colleagues or even junior colleagues to tutor for little change and you’d gain your own penny within no time.
To be very honest with y’all, this is one of the most growing crafts among students in tertiary institutions and it is very good because it breeds your level of creativity.
There will always be different ready-made products that will need marketers and it just up to you to determine whether you'd take the job or not.
There is a lot of gains in being a marketer because you'd gain a lot of exposure and little fame attached to selling products on campus.
Event Planning:
Most people don't know that there are people that organize events for students who might want to throw a birthday party or just a normal party to enjoy a good life. No much thing to learn, Just be sure you're capable of handling situations.
Digital Marketing:
This is a post on its own because we can't finish it topic within this post I'd just advise anyone interested in this particular way of making money on-campus should research well before diving into it.
P.O.S Terminal/ Outlet:
With the emerging trend of relieving people to deposit and withdraw from point of the sales agent, There's a high probability that students would do transactions and they would not want to enter the banking hall bit rather use a very close p.o.s outlets.
Mobile Saloon:
Owing or starting a saloon is not big for both men and women because without a physical edifice, a lot of students make a living from rendering their skills and talents for money.
Gadget Repair & Accessories Sale:
This is also very rampant and there is no how students won't buy charger, the earpiece and maybe probably repair their Mobile gadgets and purchase other complementary accessories.
Graphics Design:
Graphics Design is one of the most paying jobs in the world and the services of a graphic designer would always be needed in designing different form materials for various individuals not to now talk of departmental excuse and other execs who would always need someone to design a lot of work for them.
Printing & Photocopy:
A whole lot of students or let me say almost every student will need to print out a particular material and photocopy different documents so this is also a very big thing to venture into on campus.
I noticed that I won't be able to further explain deeper because of not boring people with too many stories but I promise to make another post to compliment this particular one for people to know what is happening around them so as to be financially independent.
Other ways of making money while on campus are listed below;
• House Painting
• House Agents
• Online Registration
• Laundry Services
• Fitness Instructor
• Modelling
• Baking & Pastries Making
• Soap & Disinfectant Production & Sale
• Football Viewing Center
• Wear Sales....e.t.c among others not mentioned here.

Note: Freshers or 100 Level students are not advised to involve themselves in campus business as they'd need to completely focus on studies and learning their new environment unless they are already used with the academic environment.
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Most Used Slangs among Nigeria Youths/Students on the Internet (Social Media)

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Most Used Slangs among Nigeria Youths/Students on the Internet (Social Media)

According to Oxford; Slang is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people. Furthermore, Slang is the language of an informal register that members of particular in-groups favour in order to establish group identity, exclude outsiders or both (WIKIPEDIA).
This has led to the high use of these lexical innovations among youths in the society and most importantly at various point of communication such as text messaging, chatting with friends on the internet via social media platforms. Furthermore, the use of these slangs and phrases are often used while communicating in an informal setting most especially on Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook among other social media platforms.
Below are the most used Slangs and Phrases with their original meanings or Translation on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other internet outlets;

Slangs – Meaning (Translation)
God When? – I need this type of thing
Okoto Meow Meow Skrrr - Trash Talk, Long Story
Bomboclaat – Jamaican word used when surprised and angry
O jewa ka eng – What is it that is bothering your soul?
Sco pa tu mana – What experience does this remind you of?
Mad oh – Very Surprising, Seriously?, Burst My Brain
LMAO – Leave Me Alone Ode(Fool)
I dey H – I'm hungry
Opor – It's plenty
We gather dey – We are in this together.
Mafo Don't panic.(Be Confident)
Omo Iya mi – My Personal Person(My Mother’s child)
Owale oyojo – Maximum Respect
Jogor – Drunk
Ogberagha – Runs Girl(Sex Workers)
Kuronibe – Leave there(Vacate that place)
Jacking – Reading
Maa goo – Be smart
Baba na u o – Ironic appraisal
Igi iwe, eso odo – Extreme Reader who always fail
Gp dey shake – Low C.G.P.A
ji masun – Be at alert
Agba firiyoyo – A rich and highly respected person
Shanking – Disappointing
Yawa – Problem
Gbe body eh – Dance Well(Move Your Body)
Japa – Run For Your Life
N.B.G – No Belt Gang
Igbolabi – Weed Addict
Abeg – Please
As it can be seen from the above slangs that most of these slangs(phrases) are mostly words used on Social Media Platforms and mostly in the entertainment space especially in the music industry. Therefore, it can be deduced that the level at which slangs are used on the internet is very high and a lot of young minds tend to use them to ease the stress of typing in full and it helps to increase one's level of sarcasm.
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Top 10 Most Lucrative Skills (Jobs) In 2020(Must Read)

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Top 10 Most Lucrative Skills (Jobs) In 2020
Most time there are numerous amount of skills that can make one independent on a monthly income or wages as the case may be. In the last decade, There have been some really tedious work one may have been indulged oneself due to the fact that there was an inadequate skill which will make one his own boss but as time may have it a lot of people survived that last decade and here is the beginning of another decade where there is still enough time to reminisce over acquiring a certain skill or the other in order to make a living or to support one's previous skills.
Below are the most lucrative skills to learn and possibly make a living from it;
1.     Creativity:
Creativity is just using your basic knowledge about one thing to bring about new ideas or solution to any problem at hand. To earn creativity as a skill is a lot of work and it involves mastering a lot of skills that go side-by-side with one’s best skills. Creativity can be used in different aspect of works like; architecture, artistic work, design and anything under art that needs a high level of productivity.
2.     Digital Marketing:
Digital Marketing has really evolved over the decade and I can boldly say that there is a lot of quest for acquiring digital marketing skills. Without much “okoto meow meow skrr”, Digital Marketing is advertising delivered through digital channels. Channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any other possible digital channel.
3.     Video Production/ Editing:
This is one of the most growing skills that is attracting a lot of young minds and it simply has to do with creativity as stated earlier. According to WIKIPEDIA,Video production is the process of producing video content. It is the equivalent of film-making, but with images recorded digitally instead of on film stock. There are three stages of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production involves all of the planning aspects of the video production process before filming begins. This includes script-writing, scheduling, logistics, and other administrative duties.
Production is the phase of video production which captures the video content (moving images/videography) and involves filming the subject(s) of the video. Post-production is the action of selectively combining those video clips through video editing into a finished product that tells a story or communicates a message in either a live event setting (live production) or after an event has occurred (post-production).
As it can be deduced from the above description of what video production means, It can be noticed that Video Editing(is basically the manipulation and arrangement of video shots) goes in handy with Video Production. So it all depends if you’d like to acquire the skill.
4.     Coding:
With the emergence of new companies and businesses who need to earn their online with a website or possibly a mobile application, Developers who code are the ones to be called up for the job and most especially “Coders”. Coding is one of the evolving skills that people acquire and it is simply the brain behind all the mobile apps, computer software and websites you find all around the world of digital technology. From the Microsoft Word application software to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp. Literarily, everything was made possible through coding. So learn coding today!
5.     Marketing:
There’s nowhere in the world where marketing skills are not needed. Marketing is the powerhouse of any business and it leads to sales. Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. Because marketing is used to attract customers, it is one of the primary components of business management and commerce.
6.     Video Animation:
Video animation is very rampant nowadays, it is basically twisting video advertisement, and your job is to simply create animations. Video animation is a hot cake for whoever has the skill to make money. Animations enliven mood and make videos less boring. People are already fed up with video adverts and creating this interesting twist to advertising will surely help businesses. If you are still lost, those comic videos you watch made with cartoons are all video animations.
7.     Graphics/UI and UX Design:
UI mean User Interface while UX mean User Experience. Both are interconnected and are the processes involved in making a product or an application of a company easy to use by customers or new users. UI deals with the design of the product to make it user-friendly while UX deals with the analytics and the technicalities involved. You can often make a minimum of 6 figures (#***, ***) per project with this skill.
8.     Project Management:
This is basically what most people call “Contracts” in non-formal settings. According to WIKIPEDIA, “Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints”.

9.     Business Branding/Consultancy:
Business Branding is a way of identifying your brand. It is how your customers recognize and experience your brand. A strong brand is more than just a logo; it's reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and advertising while Business Consultancy is working with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and helping clients develop business skills and knowledge. These topics range from designing a business model or marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them.
As explained I hope you can see that with a business consultancy skill you’d be a very good business branding person because it all depends on your level of creativity.

10. Analytic Reasoning (AR):
Analytical reasoning refers to the ability to look at information, be it qualitative or quantitative in nature, and discern patterns within the information.
In conclusion, I would advise that anyone interested in any of the skills listed above should enquire about it before diving into it and you may follow me because I’d further, post each skill as a topic for more guidance.

Don’t Forget to Drop your questions and contribution in the Comment section.
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Friday, 11 October 2019

So Sad! Two Die as Bus Crushes Bike in Moro

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Catastrophe struck the city of Ile Ife today as a Marcopolo transport originating from Akure squashed a bicycle, killing two of its on guests; an OAU Aspirant and the Bike driver.

As per a solid source, the hopefuls were originating from Moro where they went to compose their test. They were three on the bicycle (bikeman comprehensive).

There was a Marcopolo transport originating from Akure yet was on an inappropriate path i.e, it was confronting those originating from Ibadan because of poor street organize.

The bicycle that the folks boarded was squashed near the double street that connected Ife and Moro. The bikeman distinguished essentially as Sunday and one of the two understudies recognized as Michael Oladunjoye kicked the bucket immediately with the subsequent understudy lying weakly.
The second student that was in a state of coma was rushed to OAUTHC where he is receiving treatment, but the driver of the marcopolo has been arrested by the Police and he is presently at Moore.
May the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace.
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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

YES! NovelNigeria to host annual online summit in October

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YES! Festival is an annual 30-day online summit for successful business leaders, brand owners and aspiring entrepreneurs from different fields of business all over the world. It's a business festival bringing together business leaders in various fields for riveting discussions and debates with focus on branding, advertising, marketing, monetization, distribution and lots more.
We have as target, 30 business leaders across 25 African countries and at least 500 participants for the events.
Our program line-up includes; Business Lectures, Book Reviews, Charity Tour, YES! Essay Contest and lots more. YES! Festival is scheduled to hold on 2nd - 31st October, 2017.
#30,000 Airtime Awoof, cash and other consolation prices will be won.
To register, pay summit fee (#500) to any branch of GTBank into 0208654248 (Ndimele Kingsley)
Send YES! using your WhatsApp number to +2348102969700 via SMS.
SMS confirming your approval will be sent to you immediately.
To participate in the YES! Essay Contest,visit for more details.
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